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  • Pastoral Care, 2020 Style
    In 2020, pastors found ways to care for their members responsively, creatively, and faithfully. The following is one way a Michigan District pastor found to do just that during Holy Week and beyond. Rev. Mark Hetzner has been a pastor at St. Thomas, Eastpointe for 25 years. One of the blessings of his longevity is that he is fairly familiar with the congregation’s constituency. The following is an account of St. Thomas’ journey in 2020. […]
  • Prayer List
    Our Primary Prayer focus for this week is on Christ’s work through his Word: Calming all hearts that are filled with fear, shame, pride, or grief. As we discover new ways to search the scripture together and care for our neighbor. As the Holy Spirit develops faith in children and youth – through family devotions and other means. For people and families to read from the Bible and pray together daily. […]


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Thursday’s Thirst

  • As a Christian, I believe God has called us to see that there is good news in every bad news story. Take, for example the basketball teams of our two primary state universities. Both have great coaches who succeeded winning coaches, and both enter each season anticipating success.

  • It was the first Monday after Christmas, our office was closed for the week, and I stopped by church to clean up some of my messes left after the holiday services and make a few notes for next year. I also planned to give Chris a ride to STL to refill his water buckets. Why in the world I was thinking God might be taking an extra day of rest with me now sounds ridiculous – because he certainly was not.


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