Virtual VBS 2020

We are excited to let you know that we will be having a Virtual VBS this year! The theme: rainforest exploration!

In our Virtual VBS, our wonderful volunteers will be leading lessons and activities through videos. Each video will be posted in the Facebook Group: St. Thomas VBS 2020.

Like last year, we wanted to make sure VBS was an experience that lasted more than just 1 week and we’re excited to tell you it will last for 5 weeks with a new lesson every Sunday.

Now parents, because we are unable to physically be there leading, your assistance is needed. But, since we are posting a new video every week, you have the entire week to plan a time that works best for you. Just make sure to stick to a schedule so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

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Thursday’s Thirst

  • This past Sunday afternoon our 2.5-year-old granddaughter burned her hands. In a situation like that, what is the very first thing a person should do? If your answer is “attend to the wound” … “comfort the child” … “pray” … my reply would be a definite “YES”. If your answer is “find out how it happened” … “get angry” … “find someone to blame” … my reply would be an even more definite “NO”. In fact, most of that second list should not even be included on later things lists.

  • A few years ago, Monica was riding one of those huge scary roller coasters with a friend of ours (I am the type who volunteers to sit with the backpacks on the bench). Just as they hit the apex prior to the big drop, she turned and asked him, “Did you remember to buckle your seatbelt?” It had no seatbelts – but the horrified look on his face as he franticly fumbled for it while their car passed the apex was priceless. Thankfully, Monica lived to tell the story. Our friend, however, may have had his life shortened by a year or two through the experience.

  • In our family last year, we received a notification that Father’s Day was being cancelled because a certain family member was turning 60 on that day … and priorities are priorities! This year I was told it would be delayed because of a death in the family. I am sort of wondering if next year it will be on the calendar at all (LOL).

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