The mission of STL is “connecting individuals to Jesus and to one another by growing faith, educating minds, and serving people.”  However, we understand that people do not care what you know until they know how much you care.  Thus Barnabas Mentors work with faith explorers in finding answers to their questions and becoming comfortably acquainted with the people and mission of STL.

Illustrations of what a Barnabas Mentor can do for you:

  • Be your initial “go to” person for questions and conversations.
  • Walk with you as you listen to the STL Faith Connection podcasts.
  • According to your interests/needs, introduce you to people and ministries of STL.
  • Help you to become better acquainted with the STL ministry staff and leadership.
  • Participate with you in quarterly worship affirmations and fellowship gatherings.

Some things to expect as a Barnabas Mentor

  • A Barnabas Mentor will be nurturing their own faith and be involved in the mission and ministry of STL.
  • A Barnabas Mentor will help lead a faith explorer through listening to the Faith Connection podcasts and into becoming engaged in the mission and ministry of STL.
  • A Barnabas Mentor will pray regularly for their faith explorer and Saint Thomas Lutheran.
  • A Barnabas Mentor will help their faith explorer feel at home in the STL family of faith, assist them in becoming acquainted with the STL Monday-Friday Life Enrichment Menu, and guide them in sharing their experience with their family/friends.
  • A Barnabas Mentor will assist and encourage engagement of STL staff with faith explorers, and the faith explorers with the staff.
  • A Barnabas Mentor will guide their faith explorer toward ongoing participation in FHL ministry and/or Barnabas Ministry.


Barnabas Mentors are “encouraging helpers” for those connecting to STL – assisting individuals and families to become better acquainted with the people and mission of STL, grow in their Christian faith, and become actively engaged in serving our community.

For More Information
Rev. Mark W. Hetzner, Senior Pastor
586-854-5634 / pastor@STL-eastpointe.org


Ministry Manager – Tony Berkseth
586-350-8396 / missionmgr@STL-eastpointe.org

Faith and Fellowship

Faith Hope Love small groups

Most people long to have more peace and security in their lives.  FHL small groups at STL bring people together in fun and encouraging communities that open the door to a balanced and fulfilling life.

[Gatherings are on Sunday mornings and throughout the week.]

Hymn Sing-Along with Tony

Do you often find yourself muddling

through Monday and then dreading Tuesday morning?  STL has developed a 15-minute antidote to the Monday Night Blues.  Our 7:00 p.m. “Hymn Sing-Along with Tony” will put a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

[Live on the STL Face Book page]

Video encouragements

How do you think a couple extra little

“God-touches” during the week might perk you up?  STL sends out 5-10 minute video encouragements every Tuesday and Friday with reminders of how Jesus cares for you.

Thursday’s Thirst

A weekly email from Pastor Hetzner with short stories connecting life and faith.

Faith and Fellowship Brunches

[quarterly gatherings – coming soon]

Prayer Ministries

Most people recognize the value of prayer but are hesitant or uncertain how to proceed.  STL’s prayer ministries lead both novices and veteran warriors into lives and communities of powerful prayer in the name of Jesus.

Virtual Vigil of Prayer

What do you think might happen in your

life – and the life of your friends – if you started each “hump-day” with a group prayer?  Join Emma and Tony on Wednesday mornings on Face Book Live at 7:30 – or via recording any time after – for this ten minute conversation with Jesus.

Prayer Chain

Looking for a convenient 24/7 prayer-link with fellow Christian prayer warriors?  The STL prayer chain makes it easy to submit and receive prayer requests at all times.  To sign up, contact Karen Dolan at mdolan421@gmail.com. 

Prayer Partners

Every Sunday morning, at the conclusion of our 9:30 on-line worship service, prayer partners are available for special prayers.

Prayer Pages

Call the STL office to submit your requests.

Community Service

Clothing Closet

Donations are sorted and displayed throughout the week – and then our doors are opened to the public on the 2nd Saturday of each month for a free “shopping experience.”

Food Pantry

Donations are sorted throughout the week, and then food is distributed free to our community on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  Special holiday baskets are distributed prior to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.

Soup And Sandwich Saturdays

Three times each year STL offers a fun Saturday of a free food (more than just sandwiches), entertainment, and fellowship.

GSRP Preschool

CrossBridge, STL Preschool offers free pre-school for 4-year-olds through the Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP). Call Michele Jones for more information or an appointment to enroll; 586-260-6576

Wellness Center

Ascension St. John offers many free health awareness and enhancement offerings.

Anonymous Groups

Monday, Friday, and Sunday evenings.

Barnabas Mentor