Did you keep a diary or write in a journal in your past?  Remember how important it was to make sure you had all the details correct in your writings.  Everything was important to note because it was the record of the day.

When was the last time you pulled the diary or journal out of storage to jog your memory and stir your mind with the words you wrote?  It was humorous to read what seemed so important then.  Does it have the same meaning and stir the same emotions you expected?

Some parts of scripture are very detailed.  You might even question why it was so important that such great detail was written when the book of Joshua explains what Moses had given to the tribe of Gad… the territory of Jazer, all the towns of Gilead and half the Ammonite country as far as Aroer… from Heshbon to Ramath Mizpah and Betonim, and from Mahanaim to the territory of Debir. 

Consider that this distribution of territory was 600 years in the making.  The promise made to Abraham 600 years before the decree, before Egypt, before Abraham even had an heir, was being fulfilled.  Throughout all that time, God never lost sight of each specific detail.

We have a very big God.  One who controls the universe, but is aware of each breath. He directs all of history and knows each detail of your life.  How often do you pass over these same details tucked away in Scripture, as you are searching for confirmation of God’s hand is in your life?

The sum of all the little details of God’s plans and the fulfillment of His promises proves that whatever God declares, He will do!

What details have you included in your Estate Plan? As you review your existing plan or start the journey of preparing your first Estate Plan, remember that the details are very important.  All that you have is a gift from God.  You are the caretaker of those gifts.  Since you can’t take it with you, the decision is yours regarding what goes to family and what you want to pass forward to those ministries that make a difference in your life.

Call CEF Gift Planning.  Allow us to help you get the details the way you want them.  Even a simple bequest may not get the gift you intended to ministry.  Beneficiaries of a life insurance policy or retirement account take precedence over anything written in a Will or Trust.  A 10% bequest can be greatly reduced, because the residual estate value will not include any accounts that contain a spousal or family beneficiary.  Let’s get the details correct.  Contact us today.

Bill Burmeister

Church Extension Fund – Michigan District

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Details Matter