Dear Friends:               

This year has been one for the history books. For many of us, it certainly has had its fair share of challenges and heartache. It also has been a year of watching miracle after miracle unfold before our very eyes. Who would have ever thought that a pandemic would test how quickly we could adapt   as an organization? I’m sure each of you have incredible stories about how 2020 has changed your life as well.

At Wellspring, we have been assessing the way we do our work throughout the state. For the most part, our staff are working remotely in our child and family division, we have had to find unique ways to adapt our service offerings to meet the needs of the communities in which we serve. Many of the programs and events that we normally have each year have had to be changed, altered, or cancelled. One of those programs is our Christmas Caring program. I am sure you know it well., as you have supported this program throughout the years.

Last year we made the important decision to transition our Christmas  Caring program from a traditional gift giving program to gift cards. This transition benefited the families we serve by both engaging them and empowering them to make decisions for their families, the feedback we      received from that change was incredible. Families loved it; and our donors did, too! This year, though, even purchasing gift cards may become a challenge. With many churches and groups still not meeting in person, it would be difficult to manage this program as we have done in the past. With our staff working remotely, it is more difficult to process the gift cards internally and distribute them to our clients and families prior to Christmas.

In an effort to keep you and your family safe, we are asking you to consider providing a financial gift to, our Christmas Caring program. With your financial gift, we will be able to continue helping families maintain Christmas traditions -or begin new ones, We will then purchase gift cards            for each program location and establish a single point of contact for distributing them to families. This will significantly reduce risk for you and us, while still spreading the joy of Christmas to people who need Hope this year now more than ever.

Here are a couple ways you can participate in Christmas Caring this year:

Make a check payable to the Wellspring Lutheran Foundation If paying by check, please designate on the check or envelope that the dollars are for Christmas Caring. Checks should be mailed to:

Jill Haiser, Executive Director
Wellspring Lutheran Foundation
4100 Pier North Blvd., Suite A
Flint, Ml 48504

Give a gift online. Visit our website at and make a  contribution

I have prayed so much about making this change, knowing that it certainly impacts the dynamics of the way you have partnered with us in the past. I am so thankful for your generous spirit, and your willingness to help give families an opportunity to share in the joyous aspects of Christmas. As we navigate this difficult road ahead, we will certainly be reaching out early next year on how best to move forward once we know what the trajectory of this virus looks like in 2021. Please know that we will work hard to share the stories and photos of how your generous gift has impacted the lives of people we serve. For those of you who served alongside us in 2019, attached are some of the stories that came from your generosity last year.

Together, we will get through this—and we will hopefully be better because of it. I’m so thankful for each of you.

Jill M, Haiser
Vice President of Mission Advancement  

Giving Tree