At Saint Thomas Lutheran we know that everyone can use a little Monday evening “pick-me-up” – something extra to look forward to when you get home. The problem is that the world tends to be in a bad mood on Mondays and our attitude can set the tone for a long and exhausting week. STL believes that your entire week can be transformed by joining us online for just 15 minutes. We understand how what happens on Monday and Tuesday can set the tone for the entire week, which is why we have developed this 15-minute antidote to the Monday Night Blues. We call it “Hymn Sing Along with Tony”. Here is how we do it: 1) Tony comes on the STL Facebook page on Monday evening at 7:00, 2) You tune in with your volume turned on, 3) Tony leads us through a few Christian hymns (you can even make requests) and we sing together (the words are printed on your screen). In the meantime, you can go to the STL Face Book page to watch a recording from last week – you can even share this message with a friend … so that you (and others) stop muddling through your Mondays and instead have something to look forward to that will give you a smile on your face and perhaps even a new song in your heart.

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“Hi, my favorite part of Monday!”
– Julie B.S.

“Thanks for playing my request! It’s one of those hidden gems in the hymnal 😊
– Matt N.

“Doesn’t get any better than “Jesus Loves Me.” Love your piano playing, Anthony.❤️”
– Kelley K.

“A beautiful day ending with some great music.”
– Monica H.

Past Live Sing-Along

Monday Night Hymn Sing Along 📖 🎶

Join us in singing some of our favorite hymns! Feel free to leave a comment with any hymn suggestions for next week ☺️

Posted by Saint Thomas Lutheran on Monday, July 20, 2020
Hymn Sing-Along with Tony