Have you ever noticed that little things, often unnoticed on their own, can result in a much bigger thing as they are added together?

Each night remove the spare change from your pocket and drop it in the change jar.  Do this every day for a year; you might be surprised how much money has been accumulated.

Clean up days at church can have a similar effect.  Dozens of people working together, even small children picking up paper or sticks, can over the course of a day, result in the entire property being spruced up.  Some paint here, some elbow grease there and before you know it all the small jobs make the church look much more inviting to your guests and members.

Jesus reminds us in Mark 4:30-32 that the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds.  Yet when planted, it grows into the largest of all garden plants.  Luke 13:21 describes a small amount of yeast that is used to leaven the entire batch of dough.  Both are small things that have a big impact.

Each of us have opportunities every day to do little things that can make a huge difference. Will we have a positive or a negative influence?  A rude comment, impatience or bad habits not addressed can lead to frustration that eats away at relationships.  But a helping hand, a genuine smile, picking up the mess you didn’t make or just listening intently can build into a stronger bond that cements relationships that are difficult to break.

God used little things to reach out to us.  A helpless infant became the Savior of the world.  Rough wood and nails were tools used in His death but also lead to His glorious resurrection.  Simple water, with the Word, generates a relationship with Him through Baptism.

What little things can you do that can change the world? You may never know the difference that simple word of encouragement had on the grandchild, the co-worker or your spouse. A heartfelt greeting could make all the difference in whether a visitor feels welcome or never returns to church.

Join with Church Extension Fund to help grow God’s kingdom, right there in your Michigan District congregation.  Local CEF Representatives help insure that your church is aware of CEF and the various ways we can support your ministry.  Call us today to find out how a little of your time can make a big difference in Kingdom work with CEF.  Andy Sohn and I would be happy to speak with you.  Call us today.

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The Little Things
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