Our Primary Prayer focus for this month is on the mission of Christ’s Church:
• Christ’s work here, in and through the people of STL.
• The mission of our Michigan District, LCMS.
• Our on-going heritage of educating minds, growing faith and serving people.
• His work throughout our Synod, and across the entire world.
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And we remember the unborn and newly born, the elderly and those nearing life's end,
remembering all grieving families, Myron Engel and Kathy Lopicollo (extended member) who are in
hospice care.
† In Our Thoughts and Prayers †
Praise and Thanksgiving: for a healthy son, Jackson Keith, born to Keith Engel and Jessica Pollock
on 11/3/19.
God’s Healing Hand on: Elsie Adams, Sherry Kourlos, Renee Thelen, Carol Ferdinand, Alan
Borowiak, Diane Ustick, Brenda Finger, Judi Todt (mother of Vicki Berkseth), Don Berkseth (father
of Scott), Richard (brother-in-law of Roblyn Smith), Alice Schmidt (mother of Lori Stolzenfeld), Scott
Spencer (friend of Cardamones), Karl Hallberg (son-in-law of Cardamones), Kimberly Ross (mother
of Dayna), Sandra Bayse (sister of Brenda Finger), Jerry Finger (father of Josh), John Belvedere (sonin-
law of Caroline Henze), Anthony Giacalone (son of friend of Deb Kujawski).
Continued prayers for Healing & Strength for: Sieg Gannon, Chris Huber, Cristal Morris (former
preschool aide), John Lemke (friend of Monica Hetzner), Beth White, Bob LaRoche and Jan Adams
(family of Elsie Adams), Alyssa Delano (granddaughter of Theresa Delano), Tiffany Crow
(granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond), Denise Godfrey (sister of Deborah Kujawski), Sydney Parkin
(great-granddaughter of Caroline Henze), Kathy Johnson (friend of Vicki Leberg), Claire Armstrong
(granddaughter of Clyde & Carolyn Armstrong), Shirley Grassa (aunt of Deborah Kujawski), Mark
Loechle (son of Pat), Elaine Dixon (friend of Linda Taggart), Luella Riske (granddaughter of Jim,
Thrivent Rep.).