In your prayers this week please remember:

  • All mothers, grandmothers, and God-mothers.
  • The childless and parents who have buried a child.
  • Families that are torn apart by strife or conflict.
  • Those who feel isolated or alone, along with those who suffer with depression.
  • The ministry of Abigayle Ministries.

And we remember those who protect and nurture life on this earth, this week remembering global healthcare needs and political situations.

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† In Our Thoughts and Prayers †

For Loved Ones Called Home: The family of Karen Hubbard, who was called home on May 24th. Her Memorial service will be on July 10 at 11 am, at St. Thomas.

God’s Healing Hand on: Art Wensink, Marge Bittner, Janet Semenjuk, Diane Ustick, Betty Williams, Harrison Ahee, Scott Baker (grandson of Diane Ustick).

Continued prayers for Healing & Strength for:  Beth White, Robert Laroche and Jan Adams (family of Karen Hubbard), Tiffany Crow (granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond), Claire Armstrong (granddaughter of Clyde & Carolyn Armstrong), Payton Gifford (great-granddaughter of Jane Gurnack), Kennedy Pank (great-granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond).

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