Our Primary Prayer focus for this week is upon Christ’s people on earth:

  • For the Holy Spirit to be at work enriching faith through our worship Gatherings in those in our sanctuary as well as those joining us online.
  • Keeping us faithful to him through the summer months.
  • For children to be raised in the nurture and encouragement of the Gospel.
  • For new individuals to become members of the STL Prayer Chain.

And we remember all children who hear the gospel in church and from their parents, and those in hospice care.

To connect to the STL PRAYER CHAIN, contact Karen Dolan(mdolan421@gmail.com)

† In Our Thoughts and Prayers †

For Loved Ones Called Home: For the family of Rev. Ray Pollatz, former pastor, called home last week.  For the family of Teressa Rizzo, neighbor of Ben Stubenrauch, who was called home this week.

God’s Healing Hand on: Diane Ustick, Marge Bittner, Heather Miller, Joanne Awe, Paul Kress, Ed Redmond, Betty Williams, Beverly Schnepper, John Cherry, Lori Kucharek, Chris Huber, Janet Semenjuk, Dolly Houth, Eric Semenjuk (brother of Russ) Lisa Riviera (former member), Linda Taggart (former member), Tina Croke (sister of Debbie Churchill), Mike Parkin (son-in-law of Caroline Henze).

Continued prayers for Healing & Strength for:  John Lemke (friend of Monica Hetzner), Beth White, Robert Laroche and Jan Adams (family of Karen Hubbard), Tiffany Crow (granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond), Kathy Johnson (friend of Vicki Leberg), Claire Armstrong (granddaughter of Clyde & Carolyn Armstrong), Karl Hallberg (son-in-law of Davis Cardamone), Payton Gifford (great-granddaughter of Jane Gurnack), Kennedy Pank (great-granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond).

Prayer List