In your prayers this week please remember:

  • The poor, the homeless, the hungry, and all who struggle.
  • Hospital workers and all who service in health care ministries.
  • Those who feel isolated or alone, along with those who suffer with depression.
  • The ministry of Camp Restore Detroit.

And we remember those who protect and nurture life on this earth, this week remembering global healthcare needs and political situations.

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† In Our Thoughts and Prayers †

Praise and Thanksgiving: For the marriage of William & Kathleen (Russo) Kruse on October 9th. The baptism of Savanna Szymczak, daughter of Stephen Szymczak and Dawn Grembos on Sunday, 10/3. The baptism of Harrison Ahee, son of Jeff & Abbey Ahee on Saturday, 10/9.

God’s Healing Hand on: Donna Mertz (in Hospice care), Larry Cichocki, Sandy Patch, Larry Pietangelo, Helen Ham, Janet Semenjuk, Roy Leidich, Walter Jakubiec, Marg Bittner, Dan Dolan, Davis Cardamone, Loletta Hogan, Henry Bradychok, Bill Brinkey (husband of Debra Barowicz), Dr. John Herzog, Harold Edwards (brother of Connie and Dale), Matthew Cichocki (grandson of Larry & Karen), Justin Sommer (son of Connie’s).

Continued prayers for Healing & Strength for: Brenda Finger, Joanne Awe, Lori Kucharek, Sieg Gannon,Elsie Adams, Chris Huber, Vada & Don Habermas, John Lemke (friend of Monica Hetzner), Beth White, Robert Laroche and Jan Adams (family of Elsie Adams), Tiffany Crow (granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond), Kathy Johnson (friend of Vicki Leberg), Claire Armstrong (granddaughter of Clyde & Carolyn Armstrong), Luella Riske (granddaughter of Jim, Thrivent Rep.), Karl Hallberg (son-in-law of Cardamone’s), Payton Gifford (great-granddaughter of Jane Gurnack), Emily Henze (daughter-in-law of Caroline), Linda Taggart (former member).

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