Our Primary Prayer focus is the life transforming power of Christ’s Word, and especially:

Through printed and online devotions, and worship gatherings, in-person and virtual

In those who are living outside of faith in Jesus.

Among those who participate in THE FLOCK, and our FHL and CrossTraining ministries.

Through witness to those living without hope or peace in Christ.

And we remember the unborn and newly born, the elderly and those nearing life’s end, remembering all grieving families, and those who are in hospice care.

To connect to the STL PRAYER CHAIN, contact Karen Dolan (mdolan421@gmail.com)

† In Our Thoughts and Prayers †

God’s Healing Hand on: Larry Cichocki, Loletta Hogan, JoAnn Awe, Carol Ferdinande, Henry & Laurie Bradychok, Grace Metzner, Veronica Morris, Ron Hess, Jane Gurnack, Betty Nelson (sister of Caroline Henze), Brad Golm (friend of Caroline Henze), Ashley O’Connor, Randy Scharrer (cousin of Monica Hetzner), Mark Topel (son of Stan & Mae), Patrick Morann and family (friends of Sue Wensink), Raymond and Marvelin Gadowski (cousins of Marilyn Edwards), Stephanie Smith (sister-in-law of Chris Corderre), Wyatt Cichocki (great-grandson of Larry & Karen), Katie (from the community), Richard MacArthur (former member), Jacob Smith (grandfather of Trevor Thomas).

Continued prayers for Healing & Strength for: Lori Kucharek, Sieg Gannon,Elsie Adams, Chris Huber, Don Habermas, John Lemke (friend of Monica Hetzner), Beth White, Robert Laroche and Jan Adams (family of Elsie Adams), Tiffany Crow (granddaughter of Marilyn Redmond), Kathy Johnson (friend of Vicki Leberg), Claire Armstrong (granddaughter of Clyde & Carolyn Armstrong), Luella Riske (granddaughter of Jim, Thrivent Rep.), Scott Spencer (friend of Cardamone’s), Karl Hallberg (son-in-law of Cardamone’s), Paul Odendahl (brother-in-law of Eleanor Cardamone), Payton Gifford (great-granddaughter of Jane Gurnack), Doug Bogen (nephew of Mary Lee McKay), Emily Henze (daughter-in-law of Caroline).

Prayer List