Are you wondering how you might take the next step in your faith, but are afraid you might be too busy, or it might be too much work, or too complicated?  A Barnabas Minister will alleviate your fears, answer your questions, and walk with you – at your pace – on a journey of a lifetime.  Your journey starts with a conversation with either Tony Berkseth, Ministry Manager ( or Pastor Mark Hetzner (


The mission of STL is “connecting individuals to Jesus and to one another by growing faith, educating minds, and serving people.”  However, we understand that people do not care what you know until they know how much you care.  Thus Barnabas Mentors work with faith explorers in finding answers to their questions and becoming comfortably acquainted with the people and mission of STL.

Illustrations of what a Barnabas Mentor can do for you

  • Be your initial “go to” person for questions and conversations.
  • Walk with you as you listen to the STL Faith Connection podcasts.
  • According to your interests/needs, introduce you to people and ministries of STL.
  • Help you to become better acquainted with the STL ministry staff and leadership.
  • Participate with you in quarterly worship affirmations and fellowship gatherings.

Some things to expect as a Barnabas Mentor

  • A Barnabas Mentor will be nurturing their own faith and be involved in the mission and ministry of STL.
  • A Barnabas Mentor will help lead a faith explorer through listening to the Faith Connection podcasts and into becoming engaged in the mission and ministry of STL.
  • A Barnabas Mentor will pray regularly for their faith explorer and Saint Thomas Lutheran.
  • A Barnabas Mentor will help their faith explorer feel at home in the STL family of faith, assist them in becoming acquainted with the STL Monday-Friday Life Enrichment Menu, and guide them in sharing their experience with their family/friends.
  • A Barnabas Mentor will assist and encourage engagement of STL staff with faith explorers, and the faith explorers with the staff.
  • A Barnabas Mentor will guide their faith explorer toward ongoing participation in FHL ministry and/or Barnabas Ministry.

Barnabas Ministry Resources


A series of 10-20 minute podcasts from Pastor Mark Hetzner walking through the basics of the Christian faith, designed for listening together with someone or by yourself.  Great for either introducing the faith from a Lutheran perspective or reviewing it.


12 short videos from Lutheran Hour Ministries walking through the basics of the Christian faith.  The website also provides study guides and discussion sheets for those who wish to expand the conversation.


The You Version Bible App is a wonderful resource for your smart phone or any other electronic device.  It provides multiple translations of the Bible to either read or listen to, along with a host of Biblical videos.

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