Two important notes (more to follow at a later date) from our District Convention held in Ann Arbor on June 26-28.  Our two representatives were Mark Matheson and Pastor Mark Hetzner.  You can contact them for more information

  1. With our District President (Rev. Dr. David Maier) and three of the four regional VP’s ineligible for re-election due to term limits, we have a virtually new presidium.  Rev. Dave Davis (former VP) is the new District President.  The four VP’s, in order of their ranking are: 1) Rev. Dean Davenport (incumbent, Metro West); 2) Rev. Darryl Andrzejewski (Metro East); 3) Rev. Craig Bickel (West); and 4) Rev. Erik Cloeter (North and East).
  2. An important resolution in light of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling states: “Resolved that we encourage our churches and schools to step forward and meet the needs of expectant mothers and their babies by upholding local crisis pregnancy centers and by promoting foster care and adoption among our members; and be it further resolved that we continue to affirm our calling to protect and minister to the life of mother an child personally and through the support of ministries such as the Luke Clinic, Flint Mission Networks Mercy House and Wellspring Lutheran Services’ Child and Family Services.”  STL supports the Luke Clinic with our mission offerings in January – March.  Or you can support them directly by going to: Free Prenatal Care | The Luke Clinic Free Prenatal Care.
Michigan District, LCMS Convention Notes