Dennis the Menace, the old comic strip, shows Dennis hurrying into the living room holding a large box as his mom turns around, her mouth agape, as Dennis says, “Mom, we’d better call Santa Claus to forget about the train set I asked for.  I just found this one in Dad’s closet on the top shelf.”

Do you remember searching the house for those most wanted Christmas gifts?  Did you ever find one?  Did you carefully try peeling back the wrapping paper to confirm what you thought was in the box?  The anticipation of the gift was too much to handle.  Be honest, were you a child or has it happened more recently?

Everyone loves getting Christmas gifts.  The anticipation grows with each passing day.  Finally, the big day arrives and you get to open the much-expected gift.  The overwhelming joy was obvious as you played with that new possession.  But the newness often wears off as the days and weeks pass.  It too often sets on the shelf, collecting dust.

Psalm 16:11 reminds us of what is really important.  “You make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand”.  But this is the gift that never grows old.  That living relationship with Jesus is renewed daily as we spend time in prayer or in His words.  Instead of gathering dust, it refreshes us continually.

You have the chance to make an eternal difference this season.  All the time and effort, braving the crowded stores or if you dare, searching on the internet to save some steps, may still result in long lasting disappointment.

As you spend time trying to find the perfect gift for family and friends this Christmas Season, don’t stop with a gift that may soon be set aside collecting dust.  Find ways to share the perfect joy of the season, the birth of the Savior.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving day after day into eternity.

We invite you to join with Church Extension Fund to share the reason for the season as we strive to Build the Kingdom.

Bill BurmeisterChurch
Extension Fund – Michigan District

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