Yes, I know today is not Thursday, but I have one more little story to tell,

That morning I wrote my Thursday’s Thirst.  In the afternoon I visited a beautiful, assisted living facility close to Lakeside Mall.  As I walked from my car to the entrance, I saw that they were all set to complete repairs on the sidewalks and driveway.  The forms were all in place.  All they had to do yet was pour the concrete.

I was very careful to walk around all the forms, not wanting to disrupt their craftsmanship.  On the front porch were two or three residents enjoying the beautiful weather.  I exchanged a friendly greeting with each as I walked past them and entered the building.

After a delightful visit, I exited the same way I had entered the facility.  By now the number of people enjoying the weather around the entranceway had grown to nearly a dozen.  I did not take the time to greet them, focusing instead on what was in front of me.

The cement truck had arrived, and the repair crew was hard at work pouring and smoothing the concrete.  The truck was slowly backing up as the concrete came down the shoot into the framed sections of sidewalk.  I watched the truck and the workmen very closely, as they were directly in the middle of the pathway to my car.

What I failed to watch was where I was stepping!  As I noticed one of the workers waving at me (friendly chap, I thought), my right foot suddenly sunk beneath me.  Had I looked down, I would have noticed that they had already repaired the driveway, and that my shoe was now squarely centered in the freshly poured concrete.  Fortunately I stumbled not as I managed to evade the concrete with my other foot.

What is a person to do?  In front of me were half a dozen laborers watching me destroy their work.  Behind me were a dozen seniors getting what I imagine was one of their best laughs in months.

The workers were very kind.  As I apologized to them, they informed me that it was no big deal.  The driveway would be easily fixed, and they were glad that I was OK.  As for the people behind me, they were a little too far away for me to hear them.  I simply turned, gave them a wave and a smile, and then began looking for a place to clean my shoe.

What can I say?  That’s Life!  We all make fools of ourselves now and then.  The world is always in need a good laugh, and we may as well laugh with them.

Solomon (I think) said it this way, “A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” (Proverbs 17.22)

Why am I sending this extra little message?  For one simple reason (or maybe two).  It is very easy to take life too seriously, and way too many people these days seem to be lacking in joy.  My prayer is that this short story will bring a smile to your face and a little extra peace your way … and that you will then share that smile and peace with many others.

Remember, the fruit of the spirit includes peace and joy … and somehow I think frivolity is in there, too.


Friday Frivolity