Remembering our Loved Ones Called Home

2020 has been particularly difficult for everyone who has lost a loved one, either through COVID-19 or for other reasons.  STL will be using our worship services on Sunday, November 22 to address our grief with the hope we have in Christ.  Along with listing the names of loved ones lost in 2020, all who worship with us in-person will be invited to place a carnation on the altar during a special time of meditation and prayer in the service.

Click here to submit the names of loved ones you have lost in 2020.

Comments from those who have attended in years past:

“Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  This helped me more than you can imagine.”

“What a beautiful service – a true blessing to me and my family.”

“Taking our carnations to the altar and stopping to pray was a struggle emotionally for me,

but at the same time cleansing as we were joined by so many others.”

Has a loved one of yours been called home in 2020?  We at Saint Thomas Lutheran understand how difficult the grief process has been this year.  Many people have felt quite alone in their sorrow – unable to have normal visitation time or a funeral.  Our Remembrance Sunday services this year will focus primarily on offering comfort and hope to those who mourn.  With a message filled with reassuring hope through the resurrection of Jesus, the service will also include a) special music, b) time to place a carnation on the altar as you pause there to pray, and c) Holy Communion at the conclusion of the service.  So please spread the word to your family and friends.  This service provides you and all who come with just the boost needed to start being prepared for the holiday season that follows.

Click here to submit the names of loved ones you have lost in 2020.

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