Are you one of those people who would like to know more about the basics of the Christian faith, but get lost on the journey to find them?  STL has produced a series of podcasts called “Faith Connections” that will assist you on this journey with simple and easy-to-handle steps.  These podcasts are designed to be helpful for seekers along with those interested in enhancing their witness.

In an ideal world, we could each take one Saturday a year to be refreshed with an open discussion of the Christian faith.  But who has the time for that these days?  Instead our questions go unanswered as we live on soundbites that don’t really help and our conversations about Jesus get lost in the clamor of life.  STL has come up with a convenient tool to insert this needed refreshment into your daily life.  We have taken what we formerly did in six-hour mini-retreats and recorded the contents in a series of podcasts.  We still call it “Faith Connections”.  Here is how we do it:  1) Pastor Mark Hetzner sat down with his notes and made a series of 20 minute recordings, 2) We have them all available for you to listen to through our STL website, 3) When you have questions or thoughts after listening to a podcast, you simply relay them to Pastor Mark and he will respond.  So, as soon as you are ready to listen to one, click here to get to the menu.  We even think it will work for you to invite someone – or a small group – to listen with you.  Just think – a short and interesting message followed by a lively conversation with friends – and at your convenience you can have that refreshing mini-retreat whenever you wish!

We even think that someone wishing to start or host an FHL Small Group use these podcasts as discussion starters for their groups.  For more information on how to start a group, contact Deacon Don Cooley at

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