As society and technology change with accelerating velocity, what can be done to help teens enjoy the present while also being prepared for the future?  This fall STL will be hosting a weekly gathering on Sunday mornings that focuses on these very issues.  Our “CrossTraining – JC Style” interjects God into the conversation with open discussion and challenging topics – for those in grades 6 through 12.

Sundays @ 10:45 a.m.
Enter through the front church entrance and turn left to Room 102

This is what we are thinking …

… if we can give our youth some foundational Biblical information and study tools, they will be better prepared to address temptations, challenges, and questions.

… when youth are gathered with other youth, the blessings and growth multiply – even in those who never talk or are able to attend only sporadically.

… God’s Word is powerful, accomplishing God’s goals in God’s people, Therefore, we will use every form of media available to get it into as many people as possible.

How is it that, with more and greater technology at our fingertips, Biblical knowledge and faith in Christ seems to be fading in our youth?  At Saint Thomas Lutheran we know the teenage years are challenging.  Instead of just wringing our hands in frustration, we have decided to try something new.  We have designed an all-new hour-long Sunday morning experience that will combine conversations on life and multi-media faith-developing presentations.  IT’S NOT JUST FOR THOSE WORKING TOWARDS CONFIRMATION.  It is so new we want our high schoolers to join us (we also think their input will be a blessing to those in Junior High).

The new location – Room 102 – provides us with safety and convenience.  Youth will be seated at small, rectangular tables that keep us 6 feet apart … and, rather than walking through a potentially crowded hallway, access through the front church entrance is quick and easy.  We even have chairs that are more comfortable and improved video presentations.