Portals of Prayer is a daily devotional booklet STL gives to anyone who is interested. For each day of the month there is a reading from Holy Scripture, a thought about that word, a prayer, and the opportunity to dig deeper into the word. The booklet also contains a variety of special prayer resources in its back pages.

The October thru December Portals of Prayer are available on the tables around the building. Small and Large print are available. Please take as many booklets as you’d like to share with others. Many people take a copy to work and keep in on their desk for others to borrow. Others grab an extra copy or two to give to their adult children. I have heard of people offering it to friends, neighbors and acquaintances … because it is such a simple way to bring Jesus into their lives. To learn more, or to have one mailed to you, give us a call at 586-772-3370.

Have you heard about ‘Portals of Prayer’?
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